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Bearman Law: Protecting Families and Securing Futures

You would do anything to provide for and protect your beloved family. Bearman Law intends to help you in that endeavor, assisting with everything from adoption to drafting your will.

Highly respected throughout the Salem area, Bearman Law offers a range of valuable services intended to help build and protect local families. The goal is always to move clients through the legal process with as few obstacles as possible, while also ensuring a favorable outcome.

Service Area

Bearman Law is based in the heart of Salem, Oregon. The firm also maintains an office in Oswego. In addition to accepting clients from Salem and Oswego, Bearman Law works with those residing in the following communities:

  • Portland
  • Corvalis
  • Dallas
  • Albany
  • Canby
  • Monmouth
  • Beaver Creek
  • Willsonville
  • Happy Valley

Practice Areas

David Bearman boasts extensive legal knowledge and skill, spanning a variety of practice areas. He is, first and foremost, a Salem adoption and estate planning attorney. He takes great satisfaction in helping local families plan for their futures, either by expanding their families or preparing to disburse assets to loved ones. As an estate planning attorney, he provides comprehensive planning services, addressing such common concerns as charitable giving and wealth preservation. He also assists clients with the probate process, thereby ensuring that estate holders’ final wishes are carried out appropriately.

Clients speak highly of David Bearman’s work as an adoption attorney. He guides aspiring parents through all aspects of the adoption process, assisting not only with standard domestic adoptions, but also step-parent adoption and international re-adoption. Bearman Law provides a variety of valuable services for aspiring adoptive parents, including petition filing and courtroom representation.

Approach to Law

Prompt service is a priority at Bearman Law. You can rest assured, knowing that David Bearman will respond quickly and enthusiastically to every query. The law firm is also known for its compassionate approach. David Bearman understands how stressful estate planning, probate, and adoption can be. His hopes to minimize the anxiety of these processes by providing kindhearted counsel and effective representation. He personalizes his approach to meet the unique needs of each client, as no two cases are exactly alike.

Your family is precious. Let Bearman Law protect those you love most while preserving your hard-earned assets for future generations. Reach out today to learn more about the firm’s strong track record in Salem and beyond.